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Winter Fertilizer Ban in Effect from December through February


Com­mu­ni­ca­tions Office — Media Release


CONTACT: Mark Sex­ton, Com­mu­ni­ca­tions and Leg­isla­tive Affairs Direc­tor
PHONE: (352) 374‑5204; CELL (352) 283‑2317


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Win­ter Fer­til­iz­er Ban in Effect from Decem­ber through Feb­ru­ary


Novem­ber 14, 2016

3:30 p.m.

ALACHUA COUNTY, FL — The Alachua Coun­ty Envi­ron­men­tal Pro­tec­tion Depart­ment wants to remind res­i­dents that the new Fer­til­iz­er Stan­dards were adopt­ed by the Coun­ty Com­mis­sion on May 24, 2016. These stan­dards include a ban on the use of fer­til­iz­ers con­tain­ing nitro­gen and/or phos­pho­rus dur­ing the months of Decem­ber, Jan­u­ary, and Feb­ru­ary.

The ordi­nance includes the fol­low­ing addi­tion­al stan­dards:

  • Fer­til­iz­ers may not be applied when soils are sat­u­rat­ed with water, before a heavy rain, and for 30 days before or after seed­ing or sod­ding.
  • Fer­til­iz­ers spilled on imper­vi­ous sur­faces must be removed imme­di­ate­ly, and may not be blown or washed into roads, stormwa­ter sys­tems, or water bod­ies.
  • Fer­til­iz­ers shall not be applied with­in a min­i­mum of 10 feet from any water­body unless a deflec­tor shield is used (then a min­i­mum dis­tance of three feet is required).
  • Grass clip­pings must be removed from streets, side­walks, and dri­ve­ways imme­di­ate­ly.
  • Fer­til­iz­er must be stored in areas pro­tect­ed from rain­fall and stormwa­ter runoff.
  • All com­mer­cial and insti­tu­tion­al appli­ca­tors shall suc­cess­ful­ly com­plete the Flori­da Friend­ly Best Man­age­ment Prac­tices for Water Resources by the Green Indus­tries train­ing and car­ry evi­dence that they are an FDACS Com­mer­cial Fer­til­iz­er Appli­ca­tor.

Fer­til­iz­ers are one of the main sources of nutri­ent pol­lu­tion to our sur­face waters, ground­wa­ter, and springs,” said Alachua Coun­ty Envi­ron­men­tal Pro­tec­tion Depart­ment Water Con­ser­va­tion Coor­di­na­tor Sta­cie Gre­co. “Elim­i­nat­ing or reduc­ing fer­til­iz­er use in yards will save mon­ey while help­ing to improve the health of our local water bod­ies, espe­cial­ly in the win­ter. Lawns go dor­mant in the win­ter, so fer­til­iz­ers are not tak­en up by roots. Instead, the excess nutri­ents can con­t­a­m­i­nate our drink­ing water and cause harm­ful algae in local springs and lakes.”

Vis­it the Alachua Coun­ty Water Resources web­site for addi­tion­al water pro­tec­tion infor­ma­tion.

For more infor­ma­tion, con­tact Alachua Coun­ty Water Resources Man­ag­er Gus Olmos at 352–264-6806 or

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Important Countywide Updates

Com­mu­ni­ty Update Novem­ber 15

Don’t for­get fer­til­iz­er is banned Decem­ber — Feb­ru­ary !  Find more infor­ma­tion on the Coun­ty Newslet­ter.  We hope to pro­vide you all the infor­ma­tion that affects your life in New­ber­ry Flori­da.

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Water conservation plan delayed



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Memorial Day County Schedule

Dudley Farm Spring stockALACHUA COUNTY, FL — Oth­er than essen­tial ser­vices, all Alachua Coun­ty offices will be closed on Memo­r­i­al Day, Mon­day, May 25, 2015.

Res­i­den­tial curb­side col­lec­tion ser­vice for sol­id waste, recy­cling and yard trash will be delayed by one day due to the Memo­r­i­al Day hol­i­day.  The reg­u­lar sched­ule for these ser­vices will not occur on Memo­r­i­al Day, Mon­day, May 25. Monday’s reg­u­lar col­lec­tion will occur on Tues­day, and so on through the week end­ing with Thursday’s col­lec­tion on Fri­day.  Reg­u­lar col­lec­tion sched­ules will resume on Mon­day, June 1.

The five Alachua Coun­ty Rur­al Col­lec­tion Cen­ters, the Leve­da Brown Envi­ron­men­tal Park and Trans­fer Sta­tion and the Haz­ardous Waste Col­lec­tion Cen­ter will also be closed Memo­r­i­al Day, Mon­day, May 25.  All facil­i­ties will resume reg­u­lar hours of oper­a­tion on Tues­day, May 26.

For more infor­ma­tion, con­tact Alachua Coun­ty Waste Col­lec­tion Man­ag­er, Mil­ton Towns at 352–338-3233.

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Mosquito Control

ALACHUA COUNTY, FL — Wet con­di­tions are expect­ed to bring an ear­ly mos­qui­to sea­son. To pre­vent mos­qui­to-borne dis­eases, the Flori­da Depart­ment of Health in Alachua Coun­ty rec­om­mends prac­tic­ing “Drain and Cov­er.”


DRAIN stand­ing water to stop mos­qui­toes from mul­ti­ply­ing.

  • DRAIN: water from garbage cans, house gut­ters, pool cov­ers, cool­ers, toys, flower pots or any oth­er con­tain­ers where sprin­kler or rain water has col­lect­ed.
  • DISCARD: old tires, drums, bot­tles, cans, pots and pans, bro­ken appli­ances and oth­er items that aren’t being used.
  • EMPTY and CLEAN: bird­baths and pet’s water bowls at least once a week.
  • PROTECT: boats and vehi­cles from rain with tarps that don’t accu­mu­late water.
  • MAINTAIN: the water bal­ance (pool chem­istry) of swim­ming pools. Emp­ty plas­tic swim­ming pools when not in use.

COVER your skin with cloth­ing and use mos­qui­to repel­lent.

  • If out­side when mos­qui­toes are active, cov­er up. Wear shoes, socks, long pants, and long sleeves.
  • Always read label direc­tions care­ful­ly for the approved usage before apply­ing a repel­lent to skin.  Some repel­lents are not suit­able for chil­dren.
  • Prod­ucts with con­cen­tra­tions of up to 30 per­cent DEET are gen­er­al­ly rec­om­mend­ed.  Oth­er EPA-approved repel­lents con­tain picaridin, oil of lemon euca­lyp­tus, or IR3535.  These prod­ucts are gen­er­al­ly avail­able at local phar­ma­cies.  Look for active ingre­di­ents to be list­ed on the prod­uct label.
  • Apply insect repel­lent to exposed skin or onto cloth­ing, but not under cloth­ing.
  • When pro­tect­ing chil­dren, read label instruc­tions to be sure the repel­lent is age-appro­pri­ate.  Accord­ing to the CDC, mos­qui­to repel­lents con­tain­ing oil of lemon euca­lyp­tus should not be used on chil­dren under the age of 3 years.  DEET is not rec­om­mend­ed on chil­dren younger than 2 months old.
  • Infants should be kept indoors or mos­qui­to net­ting should be used over car­ri­ers when mos­qui­toes are present.
  • If addi­tion­al pro­tec­tion is nec­es­sary, apply a per­me­thrin repel­lent direct­ly to your cloth­ing.  Again, always fol­low the manufacturer’s direc­tions.

COVER doors and win­dows with screens to keep mos­qui­toes out.

  • Keep mos­qui­toes out of hous­es. Repair bro­ken screens on win­dows, doors, porch­es, and patios.

For more infor­ma­tion, see the CDC’s guide­lines, or the EPA guide­lines.

Report mos­qui­to prob­lem to the local municipality’s mos­qui­to con­trol or the Flori­da Depart­ment of Health in Alachua Coun­ty at 352–334-7930.

For more infor­ma­tion, con­tact Antho­ny Den­nis at 352–334-7930.

If you have a dis­abil­i­ty and need an accom­mo­da­tion in order to par­tic­i­pate in a Coun­ty pro­gram, ser­vice or pub­lic meet­ing, please con­tact the Alachua Coun­ty Equal Oppor­tu­ni­ty Office at (352)374‑5275 at least 3 busi­ness days pri­or to the event. TTY users, please call 711 (Flori­da Relay Ser­vice).
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